OnScroll is an ad technology platform that enables publishers, networks and agencies to serve viewable-only inventory. The company started out as a platform for assessing ad quality online, and quickly realized that the majority of viewability vendors focus on viewability and analytics on a retrospective basis. OnScroll decided that, in order to meet the needs of the sell-side, their platform should proactively determine viewability of an ad slot prior to serving an ad (OnScroll Serve).

Today, the company also offers the OnScroll Exchange, a platform that verifies and validates over 20 ad quality indicators on an unique impression level in real time. The platform enables the demand side to create custom targeting segments based on these ad quality indicators (such as viewability), therefore enabling them to only buy the impressions that will deliver against their ad quality KPIs.

Commission Type: CPM, Revenue Share
Minimum Payment: £50
Payment Frequency: Net 60
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Country: United Kingdom
Contact: Telephone: +44 (0)20 7199 6238
Email: ops@onscroll.com
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